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Hospitals can be confusing, traumatizing and stressful environment for young children, adolescents and their families. Understanding the harmful effects of stress on the body and mind, we aim to decrease stress and advance cure. Our goal is to create and encourage child friendly environment within the hospitals. Open play rooms filled with toys, games, books, playgrounds, and etc. Promote normal, healthy growth and development by providing therapeutic play and creative arts opportunities. Enable young children and adolescents to work through the stressful experience of hospitalization, resolving anxiety and regaining strength. In cooperation with medical staff, provide support and consultation to caregivers, siblings and children of adult patients about the impact of illness on the child and family.

Hospital Play Therapy is a place of security within the hospital environment, a safe haven where children, adolescents and their families can play, create and relax. It is an integral part of treatment of children and adolescents in hospitals.