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Naira Martirosyan is the founder and president of Fruits of Love Inc. She was born and raised in Yerevan, Armenia and as a teenager immigrated to the United Sates with her family. As a child, Naira always loved to reach out and help those in need. She enjoys seeing people smile and will do anything in her power to replace the tears and sadness of people next to her with laughter and joy. With a passion in her heart for humanity, Naira chose to study medicine. After completing her Medical Degree from Yerevan State Medical University, she moved back to the States where she decided to further continue her education in Natural and Oriental Medicine. Currently she is a PhD student in Integrative Medicine and Doctorate of Natural Medicine at Quantum University.

On one of her pediatric rotation as a Medical Student in Yerevan, Naira noticed how stressful, agitating and depressing hospital environments were for the treating children.
At the time, Naira was also an enthusiast volunteer who spent her free time visiting children’s homeless shelters, orphanages and needy families in Armenia with her church youth group and it was during one of these usual trips that she noticed that the kids in these shelters and families were also lacking the very basic supply of toys, clothing, food and etc. While she was taking care of an orphan whom she brought to the hospital from Homeless Kids Shelter she noticed that this child was looking at another family who had brought toys with them for their sick child, however the sickly orphan had nothing to play with at the hospital.

Naira looked everywhere in the Pediatric hospital to distract the child’s attention at no avail. She couldn’t believe how a children’s hospital did not have any toys or a play area to divert the sickly from their mundane daily hospital treatments. Ever since then it’s been Naira’s dream to make hospitals that lack kid friendly environments or toys a more appealing and colorful, filled with toys and child friendly objects. Ideally she wishes that no child will ever go to a hospital, however if they have to go, at least the depressing and stressful hospital will have a corner filled with colorful toy and play therapist who will help to ease their loneliness and their pain.